Michael Toon

382535_479687005393653_2058054230_nI was raised in a single parent home where nothing was easy growing up. Through that, I have learned to appreciate even the smallest things in life and I would not be able to be where I am at today if it wasn’t for the support of the people of Carlisle County.
That’s why I am pursuing the office of Carlisle County Clerk. To give back to the people and the community that has raised me and given me so much.
I feel that is how life works, you give with all of your heart and that love and support that you give, eventually comes back to you.

Why I ran for Carlisle County Clerk?

It’s a question I have asked myself since the first time that I heard that Mrs. Theresa Owens vacated her position and the opportunity to become a candidate arose.
The answer that I keep coming back to time and time again is that I simply owe it to the people of Carlisle County.

I grew up in the single parent household of Gracie Toon. She worked during the day as a cosmetologist in Cunningham for 27 years and throughout those 27 years we had our ups and downs as we struggled to make ends meet, but in the end through mom’s diligence and spirit we always made it through.


However, it wasn’t something that was done alone. It took a village to raise a child (My sister and I) and we always had the backing of our church community at St. Charles and our friends and neighbors throughout Carlisle County.
In my freshman year of high school my mother had her first of three bouts with cancer. The community rallied around her and held a benefit dinner for her. I will never forget the kindness and love that was shown to me and the impact that the community’s support had on me.

At the time I was manager for the basketball team and the juniors and seniors of the team arranged the dinner. That was all I needed to get hooked on the people of Carlisle County.
Throughout high school I knew that I was going to go to and graduate from college and after college I was going to come back to Carlisle County and try my best to make some sort of difference in the community.

After graduating from Murray State University in 2004, I came back home and Mr. Kevin Davis offered me a position at the Carlisle Weekly Newspaper. Kevin and his wife Nancy gave me love and support and I worked hard for them.
In September of 2006 Kevin sold the newspaper to me and with $22 in my bank account, I was a business owner.

484018_479686948726992_1687034446_naTimes were lean and thin at the Weekly in the early days, as subscriptions were around 160 people at the time. However, I knew that I wanted the paper to serve the community and be a tool in the community for the people and to get it to where it was relevant and important to the people was going to take hard work.

Throughout the next six years the newspaper has grown to over 580 subscribers and is the paper of record in Carlisle County. All of this would not be possible without the support and hard earned dollars from the subscribers and businesses of the county.
When Carlisle County Clerk Theresa Owens told me that she would be stepping down from her position halfway through her term a light bulb went off for me. I previously never had any aspirations to run for office. However, the opportunity that arose for me to not only improve my family’s life, but truly serve the people of Carlisle County was something that ate at me in the days and weeks after the conversation with Mrs. Owens.

In return, it felt like something I had to do. I have a great love for Carlisle County. It is a county that has been tremendously good to me and my family and I feel I owe it to the people of the county to run for the position of Carlisle County Clerk and give back to the county, what the county has so frequently given to me throughout the years and that is love and support.

166016_479686972060323_1230692849_nI am not a politician. I am a people person, I have a great desire to serve the people of Carlisle County and truly make a difference at the county level.

At the end of the day when I am buried under the sweet grasses of Carlisle County, I do not want to be known for being the owner of the county newspaper, or being the Carlisle County Clerk, but for the impact and service I gave to the community and the integrity that I brought to the table in doing it.

You deserve it and the people of Carlisle County deserve it.