Clerk Toon Announces Grant for Back Scanning

Carlisle County Clerk Michael Toon announced the acquisition of an $18,720 salary grant through the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.

  The grant allows the County Clerk to hire an employee to scan physical deed, mortgage, encumbrance and will books and transfer them into a digital format. “This grant will be the beginning of one of the goals that I set out to accomplish as Carlisle County Clerk and that was to digitalize all records in the County Clerk’s Office,” Clerk Toon said.

  Clerk Toon also said that the digitalization of these records will eventually reduce the wear and tear that occurs on the books when customers or employees take the books down for scanning or copying. “It will also make the searching for documents that much easier as the searches can be done by looking up the name of the person, property or document you are interested in on the computers and printed out by just the click of a mouse,” Clerk Toon said. The grant will allow documents to be scanned, in some cases back to 1977. Clerk Toon also included that the application of this grant would not have been possible without the work of Mr. Trace Kirkwood, Regional Administrator for the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, who assisted Clerk Toon in the application of the grant. 

  Clerk Toon will be hiring Micah Ellegood of Cunningham, Kentucky to conduct the scanning of the documents. Micah is a 2012 honor graduate of Carlisle County High School and is currently taking classes at West Kentucky Community and Technical College to enter the field of Physical Therapy. “I had the pleasure to observe Micah’s work ethic on the basketball court as a Lady Comet and in the classroom, as she was outstanding in that area as well. She will be an asset to the County Clerk’s Office and the people of Carlisle County.