Carlisle County Clerk’s Office Now Accepting Debit and Credit Card Transactions

 Michael Toon, Carlisle County Clerk, announced that his office will be the first county office in the new Carlisle County Courthouse to accept Debit and Credit Card transactions.

  The move comes after the Clerk gauged the public’s interest in debit and credit cards after his first four motnhs in the office. “The need was there, as our society is gearing more and more towards debit and credit card transactions and people are using less cash,” Toon said.

  Clerk Toon said that the credit and debit card implementation will be the first of many new initiatives to make the citizen’s of Carlisle County’s visit to the Clerk’s Office, as easy and hassle free as possible. “We are in the 21st Century, I will be pursuing grants and any other methods that will be implemented to make the Carlisle County Clerk’s Office as technology oriented and accessible to the people I serve, the people of Carlisle County,” Clerk Toon said.

  There will be a $2.50 convenience charge on all Debit Card teansactions and a sliding scale convenience charge on credit card transactions depending on the amount the customer is paying.

  The Office of the Carlisle County Clerk wants to hear from you and hear your voice. If you have any suggestions to how the Carlisle County Clerk’s Office can improve you can e-mail Michael Toon, Carlisle County Clerk at [email protected] or contact his office at 270-628-3233.